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PQ Talent Overview


PQ Talent is a niche focused headhunting and recruiting team based in central Indiana serving the Industrial Manufacturing Industry.


Our “work hard, play hard” work ethic coupled with our deep mid-western roots and previous hands-on industry experience in engineering, manufacturing/operations management, and skilled trades allows us to be highly efficient when sourcing your next hire.


Founded in 2014 by a former Parker Hannifin Mobile Hydraulics Systems Engineer and Global Account Manager. PQ started with a focus in recruiting engineers, technical sales and service roles for mobile fluid power and industrial automation OEM’s, distributors, MRO’s, custom manufactures and integrators all across the nation.


Fast forward to today and PQ Talent is a strategically developed and highly efficient team that understands the industries and positions we cover, both from a business and technical standpoint.


We’re not just another recruiting firm. We are looking to be your long term partner you can lean and rely on in the ever changing manufacturing industry.


We look forward to connecting and serving the companies, job seekers and industries we are so passionate about!


-The PQ Team.

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