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Founded in 2014 by Purdue Graduate, Nathan Hedrick, an Indiana born and raised farm kid with an entrepreneurial and philanthropist spirit.


Nate holds a B.A. in Agricultural & Biological Engineering and spent 10 years as a mobile hydraulics systems engineer and global account manager for Parker Hannifin, one of the largest OEM’s in the industrial automation and mobile hydraulics space. 


During his career, Nate traveled and lived in various places across North America and worked side by side with both large and small OEM’s, MRO’s, Custom Manufacturers, Integrators and Distributors.


His direct lines of communication were often with owners, presidents, and CEOs and likewise, worked alongside some of the brightest engineers in the game.


Being constantly contacted by recruiters, headhunters, staffing companies and HR personelle from companies looking to hire, Nate felt there was a dissonance with the technical understanding from these places and the positions he was being contacted for. This is turn, drove him to start PQ Talent.


PQ Talent originally started out with a pure focus on hydraulic and controls engineers as well as technical sales roles. With the goal of bridging the gap between technical company needs and candidates that “fly under the radar.”


Over the last 5 years, PQ Talent has been through varying employment market swings and has worked with all types of manufacturers across the country. Covering roles from engineering, sales, upper & lower management, skill-trades and service roles for the industrial manufacturing industry.

Spending the vast amount of time traveling and seeing how different businesses run and operate, Nate developed a very keen eye for what works and what doesn’t. Both from a business and networking standpoint.


Our approach is very similar to an industrial sales person. We are HUNTERS. 

We utilize our technical skill-sets, developed networks and raw grit to get the job done.

We constantly network and build relationships with both passive and active candidates as well as new companies everyday.

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