Frequently Asked Questions

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—Questions For Candidates—

How do I apply for an open position?

There are two ways to apply.

  1. If we have an open position on our career’s page, simply apply to that position.
  1. If you’re passive or actively searching for a role, but don’t see a position that interests you, you can send your resume to

We do not post all of our open positions due to some confidentiality clauses with our clients.


How current are job positions?

Job postings are refreshed on a monthly basis. If a job position is available it will have a post date and will be removed once the job is filled.


Will I have to go through a formal interview process after interviewing with PQ Talent?

Yes. PQ Talent does not the make the final decision when it comes to hiring a candidate. We follow our client’s cadence when it comes to their interview processes. These processes due vary from client to client.

The initial conversations between candidates and PQ Talent are more “Meet & Greets” than actual interviews.  We are building a social profile on things that matter like.. What do you enjoy? What are you good at? What is you end career goal? What ARE your positions of interest etc.


Does PQ Talent conduct background checks?

As mentioned above, we follow the cadence of our clients. Drug screens and background checks are pretty much standard in today’s job market. However, not all clients require this. PQ Talent in and of itself does not do any preliminary drug screenings or background checks for you to be considered for a position.


Do you have to have a degree or formal certifications in order to be a candidate of PQ Talent?

It depends on the positions. There are more to people than what is on a resume and sometimes experience can trump a degree.


It’s all dependent on the clients needs and desires. PQ Talent personally welcomes any and all candidates that are close to having the skill-sets needed for the roles we fill. We focus a lot on career development for candidates so not having a degree or certification does not disqualify potential employment for candidates.


How do we strengthen relationships with our candidates?

We do this by always staying in communication with our candidates and continue to grow our network in a strategic matter.


Oddly enough, taking the time to actually SPEAK to candidates makes a world of difference. Who would have thought? J


What kind of candidates do we work with?

Our primary focus is in the industrial automation and mobile fluid power industries. Candidates with mechanical and electrical engineering backgrounds (or equivalent) are of interest to us. See here for a comprehensive list of positions we have covered.


90% of the candidates we place are passive candidates, meaning they are currently working and not necessarily looking to make a career move but rather open to hearing what kind of better opportunities are out there for them.


This is derived from different circumstances such as needing more income, wanting to move up to that next level in your career. Maybe you want to move back to a location where you grew up. Maybe you just want to try something new?


What is the interview process with PQ Talent?

We make it very easy. Send us a resume and we’ll schedule some chat times with you. These conversations normally don’t last long than an hour and averaging around 20 minutes.

From there..

If it is an active candidate applying for a role, meaning they are looking to make a move as soon as the right opportunity comes around, or we have a current opportunity that aligns well with that candidate. We simply share a synopsis of our conversation and your resume with the hiring manager of our client to gauge their interest. This will either lead to being a rejection OR we start getting interviews lined up.

The first interview can either be a simple phone call with our client or a face to face meeting. It’s all based on our client’s process.


Are the salaries of a position negotiable?
In most cases, salaries are just viewed in a range and are negotiable to a point. Usually, salary negotiations happen either during or after the final interviews and we are waiting on an offer to come through. This also depends on what the client offers.

PQ Talent is extremely experienced in negotiations and we can help with that if the candidate desires.


What type of questions should I ask during my interviews with the hiring managers of the position?

This is kind of a broad question, but one we get a lot. The position you are being interviewed for will determine what types of questions to ask.

Good general questions to ask are ones that are focused on the companies past and future growth as a company as well as where you come into play into all of that.


As a candidate, why should I use PQ Talent instead of another recruiting company? 

Because we are awesome…duh.

                                       Just kidding.

 Before PQ Talent existed, our leadership team spent decades in the industries and positions we recruit for. We have backgrounds in fluid power and controls engineering, Industrial Sales, Manufacturing Operations and Staffing Management, and Critical Manufacturing Assembly for Capital Equipment.

We can conceptualize and visualize what you are currently doing and where you are wanting to go, because we’ve been there ourselves.


Also, we LOVE big power, big machines, and the industry overall. J


 If I currently have a job, can I still look for a new job with PQ Talent?

Absolutely. This is what we would consider a passive candidate. Mentioned above, passive candidates are folks that are pretty happy where they’re at but they have an itch to see what else is out there and what the possibilities for them could be.


 Is my information confidential?

Candidate information remains 100% Confidential within our private network. We never share your detailed information with our clients without your consent. When it comes to the industry we work in, “no-disclosure agreements” and “non-competes” are very common, especially when it comes to industrial sales. We take this very seriously. We’re not in the business of getting people fired.


Does PQ Talent offer insurance to candidates?

No. Candidates are not PQ Talent employees. All of the positions we recruit for are direct hire positions.


How long does it take to get hired by an employer through PQ Talent?

We strive to be as efficient as possible in the hiring process. Typically, the life cycle of the process from the initial chat with PQ Talent to your first day at your new role falls between 4-8 weeks, assuming that you put in a 2 week notice to your current employer. But, it can be faster or slower than that.


There are some specific factors that determine life cycle of the hiring process.

  1. How urgent is the position for the client?
  2. Speed of communication between the client and the PQ Team.
  3. Do you need to put in a 2 weeks’ notice with your employer?
  4. The number of interviews and if any skills tests are required will also affect the hiring process.


Does PQ Talent help me with my resume? 

We sure do. Although at this point in time, we do not offer any resume writing services (we’re working on that) but we definitely make sure your resume is appropriate before sharing it with the client. We want to give you the best opportunity to getting hired as possible without giving false information on your resume.


—Questions for Clients—

 How involved is PQ Talent in the industry?

Our team worked in the industry for a combined 40 years before starting PQ Talent. Our mechanical experience and interest in these specific industries stems from a young age. We all have similar roots meaning that we we’re all born and raised in the farmlands of Indiana. Those roots made us hands-on, mechanically inclined, hardworking individuals with a passion for the industry and helping people. We are entrepreneurs at heart, and felt that we could better serve the industry we love by starting PQ Talent.


 What makes PQ Talent different from other recruiting companies and talent agencies?

This is a loaded question that deserves a detailed answer.


At the end of the day, recruiting companies and talent agencies all have the same end goal. To get people hired for our clients. That’s pretty clear. It’s the methods, network, communication style, and the direct experience the account manager of that agency has is what makes the difference.


Being a recruiter, in a sense, is technical sales position and like any technical sales role, you SHOULD know your product INSIDE and OUT. If you don’t, how are you going to be effective at selling it and maintaining your customer base?


The agency you’re working with as a whole may have the overall experience needed to fill the role you need help with. BUT, the person you directly work with (your account manager,) can very much sway the overall results/resumes you get. Imagine a time where miscommunication or misunderstandings have caused you unnecessary stress and time lost in the workplace.


When we hire new recruiters for our team, we only hire HANDS ON industry experienced people that show the ability to think out of the box. These potential recruiters could have backgrounds ranging from being a certified welder, to a controls engineer, to a past VP or Director to an assembly/production person. Recruiting methods can be taught through focused training. Hands-on experience and knowledge can only be learned by doing the actual job. In our opinion and experience, growing our team this way gives a new recruiter the best possible chance at succeeding in recruiting.


So, the question we ask potential client is, “What would be more beneficial to your organization?


A: Working with someone who has a pretty good idea of what you’re looking for and is able to match key words from a job description to a resume and hopefully land the right person based on the numbers game?”




 B: “Someone who used to be and/or worked directly with the types of people you’re looking for?”


That’s the difference with PQ Talent. We are niche focused and for a good reason. We know what we know, but more importantly, we know what we DON’T know. Could we go recruit software engineers for an IT company? Sure, we could, but is that where we are REALLY effective at? Probably not.


There are a TON of methods for recruiting as well as different reasons for utilizing a recruiter. A “recruiter” who is just constantly posting open positions to job boards or social media pages then sitting back and waiting for that right candidate to apply is probably a recruiter you don’t want to work with. This is a very passive approach and this method should be done by the company as a first pass at trying to fill the role themselves.


It makes zero fiscal sense to hire someone for thousands of dollars just to post job openings for you when you can do that yourself. We’re not saying that job postings don’t attract good employees, because that is simply not true. But if you’re in a position where you’ve been searching for months, or it’s a very urgent/important position for the company, you’re better off hiring someone to go out there and be proactive for you because chances are, if you’re looking for a very specific skillset or experience, your “unicorn” candidate is most likely already employed and 80% happy.


You’re going to have to grab their attention somehow. So how do you do that? Again…by being proactive.


Recruiters, like most things, are not created equal. If PQ Talent had to choose a title for ourselves, we’d consider ourselves “Head Hunters.” We go back to our roots when it comes to recruiting. We get our hands dirty and we dig deep.


How do we strengthen relationships with our clients?

Easy, by producing results and communicating effectively. This is the easy part of recruiting. J


How does PQ Talent stay current on recruiting trends?

There are a few things we do and watch. We watch the overall industrial market health (DJI and S&P 500) along with the unemployment rates to gauge recession probability and new market penetration opportunities. 


We also stay up on macro employment trends by communicating with our current clients and what they are seeing in the field as far as their needs go. We compile all this data and analyze to determine how we can best be effective.


How does PQ Talent find their candidates for clients?

We use both traditional and untraditional methods for sourcing candidates. Social media platforms, resume data basis, private network connections, etc. We like to be creative and think outside of the box. There isn’t a single method that works for every search. You have to be able to adjust and we do.


What are the typical charges for finding a candidate? 

We are a contingent based search firm like most. We charge a percentage of the first-year base salary of the candidate in need and we couple that with a guarantee. The percentages and guarantees range based on the type of position it is, how difficult we think it will be to fill and how quickly it needs filled. For more information on this, shoot us a message or give us a call and we’d be happy to quote you.


We do offer retainer-based searches if you’re looking for a long-term partner as well.


Do I have to pay PQ Talent immediately for searching for candidates?

75% of our clients are on a contingent basis meaning no payment is due until the new hire has been with you for a minimum of 15 days. If you are looking to be a retainer client, we can negotiate a contract with you. We’re pretty flexible. Again, shoot us a message or give us a call. We’d be happy to help.


What kind of companies does PQ Talent work with?

OEM’s, Custom Manufacturers, Machine Shops, Integrators, MRO’s, and distributors. We work from coast to coast and in Canada. We can provide our services in the UK and Australia as well.


For a comprehensive list of past roles we have covered, click here.


How large is the PQ Talent team?

We are purposely a smaller organization that consists of less than 10 people. We have a few full-time team members, 2 partners and 1 owner.


Below are links to our leadership team’s LinkedIn Profiles for Reference.


Nathan Hedrick – President –

Josh Francis – Partner –

Matt Hedrick – Partner –

Alex Schram – Account Manager –


How fast can PQ Talent find candidates for me?

Although we do not “rotate” candidates like a staffing agency would, we do have a consistent flow or both passive and active candidates. If we don’t have an immediate match in our shortlists, we can typically provide you a first resume within a few days.


We speak with EVERY candidate both n a personal and technical level before you even see their resume. We never submit a candidate that we have no idea if we can even reach them. That is a waste of time and unproductive.


What is the average retention rate of PQ Talent candidates?

We maintain a 90% retention rate with our placed candidates. In the last 5 years of business, we’ve only exercised a “refund” 4 times. None of which we’re due to poor candidate performance. Health issues and a traffic accident, unfortunately, we the culprit.


We are very proud of this. J


Our company is small, can we still use PQ Talent to find candidates? 

Sure, you can. It really depends on what your budget is. We aren’t the most expensive out there, but we’re not the cheapest either. Quality comes with a price tag.


Do we work with in house recruiters?

Absolutely. Our larger clients in the distribution and OEM space all have internal recruiting and talent acquisition teams we engage with and help fill demand when we are called on to help.


What are the benefits or advantages of using a recruiting agency or staffing agency and when should I utilize one?

First, we should distinguish the difference. In our eyes and experience, staffing companies are geared towards volume and have a focus on supplemental employment to pad a client’s workforce in slow times.


  1. You’ve exhausted all of your avenues in filling a position on your own. i.e. job postings, proactively reaching out on your own to people. (When you have time or course. HR has a lot of other duties when there isn’t a talent acquisition team in place to help aid in those searches.)


  1. You are looking for what we call a “unicorn.” You’re looking for a very specific set of skills or experience within a particular industry or for a particular component or piece of equipment.
  2. You just simply don’t have time to put into recruiting efforts. Recruiting is a full-time job in and of itself. There is a reason we exist.


From a fiscal stand point, sometimes it makes more sense to invest in a recruiter to get a position filled as quickly as possible to increase your bottom vs taking your time away from other projects that are equally as important.


  1. You can utilize a headhunter or recruiter to scalp talent from your competitors. On the surface that seems kind of shady right? It’s not and here’s why. If an employee is already open to opportunity and they just need the right one, that employee is going to leave regardless at some point in time. Whether that move starts with a recruiter, a current boss or out of an act of being bored with their role, it’s going to happen. We would rather help refill candidates for client’s employees keeps the driving forward motion progressive for their company.


How does PQ Talent create a hiring plan with clients?

Working with us is pretty simple. Just like candidates, we start with a conversation. We typically have a conference call with the hiring managers, HR, engineering managers, president, owner or CEO depending on the size of the organization to lay out exactly what they’re looking for.


This give us an opportunity to get a feel for our client’s culture, their growth goals, what strategies they’ve been using and how effective those have been and more. We are building a profile to help us better serve you as a client.


What happens if a candidate rejects a job offer?

It’s ultimately the candidate’s decision to make a move and more than likely it’s a passive candidate if it came from us. With that being said we either try to negotiate and resolve the discrepancy that caused the offer to be rejected to the candidate on board, or, we simply start looking for a runner up.


What Happens if a candidate starts employment but leaves within the first 30 – 90 days of being employed?

What if they leave just a little after 90 days? Can we still re-negotiate for another candidate?


Is there a grace period for wiggle room if something happens within a week of PQ Talent’s agreement form?