Why PQ Talent?


We are a well-connected team led by engineers. Where there is talent, we will find it.

Interested in our team and want to know more? Check out this page for information on our processes and steps we take to ensure you have a quality experience. Working with our team is easy. The end-game is always the same: happy clients and happy candidates.


Figuring out your specific needs is the first step. Culture, Values, and Company Expectations are just some of the conversation pieces we start with when pinpointing your ideal candidate(s).


The next step is finding your people! PQ Talent opens the door to our vast personal network of passive candidates. Although traditional recruiting methods are great methods (and still used by our team,) we feel the best candidates “fly under the radar” and are passive in nature.

Candidate Relations

Every candidate that has been contacted by the PQ team is thoroughly screened both on a technical and personal level. Everything is “laid out on the table” and 100% transparent for both parties. No gimmicks, no forced acceptances- just genuine 1 on 1 conversation.

Resume Submittal

We do not spam your inbox. We have implemented a “First In, First Out” rule for resume submittals. This not only keeps it fair for candidates but it also saves space in your inbox as well as your time for screening of resumes. We want to make the process as simple as possible for you and we make every effort to do so.

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